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A series of frequently asked questions. By the users, for the users.
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Q) An op banned me for no reason, he's abusing his power! What should I do?

A) Well, the first thing that you must do is make sure you calm yourself down: whether or not it is the op's fault, letting yourself get frustrated will only make matters worse. After you've taken a breather, PM the op in question. Calmly explain your side of the story, and try to avoid phrases such as "I didn't do anything". If this does not get you anywhere, and you still disagree with the op's decision, you may PM another op. A very important aspect of talking to an op is NOT ARGUING IN THE CHANNEL, no one wants to see your fight and it will never help your case.

Q) This is my first time playing and everyone is yelling at me! Why are they yelling at me?

A) While we love newbies coming into the channel, there are times when a small mistake or misunderstanding can lose the game, and players may get upset at you. Do not despair, this happens to everybody at one point or another. So long as you actively attempt to learn, there will be a lot of forgiveness.

Q) I've played mafia elsewhere, so I don't need to read the newbie docs, right?

A) While the basic gameplay is similar to other variants of mafia, the largest difference is the strategies and terms in these games. So, I'm sorry to say, you will have to read all of the newbie docs. The documentation may be found here. Don't forget to read the rules too.

Q) Someone just Private Messaged me about his role in this game! What should I do now?

A) Do not tell them your role and PM an op immediately. Copy paste exactly what the user said. The ops will assess the situation and determine punishment. Note: This does not apply to whispering.

Q) A player just pinged out! Should I end the game or should we continue to play?

A) In cases like these, if possible, a courtesy 60 second grace period is expected. Take advantage of kiwi's built-in timer function to time this out. If the user has not returned by then, take a vote as to whether to end the game, or lynch the away-person and continue.