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Mafia is a game of paranoia and psychological intrigue. You begin in a small, cozy town. Everything is nice and swell, until reports of gang related deaths fill the papers! The mafia have infiltrated your own town and it is your duty to weed them out before they kill every last one of you...

Everyone in this group appears to be a common citizen, but several of you are 'special' and have special powers that you must use to find the scum and have them lynched. A small amount of you are actually in the Mafia, trying to kill everyone while concealing their true identity.

BY BEING IN THE CHANNEL, YOU AGREE TO ABIDE BY THE RULES AS DEFINED HERE. (Don't just skip over these and pretend you read them, we really don't want to have to ban you)

How do you play?

A noose, the townie's weapon of choice.
You'd think with all these advances in technology, we'd use a more efficient method of killing scum.

First, a group of at least 4 players must join the game. After it is agreed upon, the gamestarter (the person who first began the signup process) must start the game. The moderator randomly assigns each player a role. If there is a night start, any night actions must be completed then. The night is timed, so you must hurry with your actions! During the day, a victim (chosen by the mafia) will turn up dead. It is the duty of the town to weed out the mafia with logic and the truth. The mafia, however, must use trickery, false claiming, and false logic to make the truth seem different then it actually is. This is all done by talking and discussing possibilities, asking questions, and fact checking. A majority consensus must be reached before lynching a person during the day. The game goes through night and day cycles until there are either an equal number of mafia and town remaining or the town is able to eliminate the scum before it's too late.

See also: Mafia Strategy

Common Terms

In any channel or variant of mafia you will play, there are always different slang terms used. This section will define the most common terms used in #mafia.

Away From Keyboard check (AFK check): This is a check to see if any player is not currently active in the channel. A successful AFK check occurs when all players respond immediately after a check is called. If too much time has elapsed, one must assume that the check is unsuccessful and should debate whether or not to end the game. AFK checks must be performed before starting a game and performing a Mass Claim. It is highly recommended that an AFK check is performed at the beginning of each day.

bussing (bus): This mafia strategy involves trying to cast suspicion on mafia partner(s) in order to divert suspicion from yourself, including putting a lynch vote on them.

claim: When a player tells the rest of his channel what role he is. The best types of claims include any night actions the player might have taken. Usually the best time to do this is during a Mass Claim.

clear: A player is only clear when there is absolutely no doubt that the player is townie.

cop: 'cop' is short for 'sheriff'. (This role will be explained later)

Counter Claim (cc): A counter claim occurs when more people than possible claim a role. This can occur when two people claim the role of a doc (when there is only one doc in the setup).

crosslynch: When you lynch the person who puts a lynch vote on you.

det: 'det' is short for 'detective'. (This role will be explained later)

doc: 'doc' is short for 'doctor'. (This role will be explained later)

Finger Of Suspicion (fos): When someone feels that a player is overly suspicious, they may point their Finger Of Suspicion.

Free lynch: A situation when town has the ability to lynch someone who is town, without losing the game. If there's 5 players alive and only 1 mafia, then town has a freelynch since after lynching a town player, night will be 4 alive, 3 town 1 mafia. The next day would be 3 alive with 2 town and 1 mafia. Free lynch is a better term than random lynch because a free lynch is a chance to eliminate the most scummy players. The same careful reasoning that occurs during lylo should go into a free lynch since the town's goal is to lynch mafia.

giraffe: Qwertial Aphasia. Reference Comic

hammer: The hammer is the last vote needed to lynch.

LYnch or LOse (lylo): This is a situation where the amount of mafia is one less than the number of townies. If the town does not lynch this day, mafia will win at night. If there is a mislynch, the mafia will win immediately. All power roles should claim in this situation. No-lynching here is fatal for the town.

Mass Claim (mc): This town strategy involves getting all players to claim at the same time. This does not allow mafia to easily adapt to certain people claiming certain roles and actions. All Power Roles should also include any actions they performed during all of the nights that have passed.

MislYnch and LOse (mylo): This is a situation where the amount of mafia is two less than the number of townies. If the town mislynches, the mafia will win at night. Nolynch here is the current accepted strategy in this situation if there are no definite sheriff results.

MisLynch (ml): This is the incorrect lynch of a townie.

No Lynch (nl): When the town feels that no decision can be made of whom to lynch, they might decide to do a No Lynch. In this case, nobody would be lynched that day. This is most commonly used when the town wants to give the sheriff another chance or if they just want to narrow down the choices for a random lynch the next day.

A scene from The Princess Bride
"But it's so simple. All I have to do is divine from what I know of you: are you the sort of man who would put the poison into his own goblet or his enemy's?"

oc: 'oc' is short for 'ordinary citizen'. (This role will be explained later)

Power Role (pr): This is any role that has a special power moreso than an Ordinary Citizen. Examples are: sheriff, doctor, detective.

Random Lynch (rl): The term "Random" is misleading. See Free Lynch.

scum: 'scum' is short for any mafia role. (Mafia roles will be explained later)

scumtell: After playing many games of mafia, many mafia strategies and trends start showing. Obvious trends may be considered 'scumtells'. This is a hard term to define (because some mafia players have different strategies) and the player must figure out what sort of things to expect from scum.

townie: Any town-sided player.

Wine In Front Of Me (wifom): This is perhaps the most difficult term to define. Named after this scene in The Princess Bride, WIFOM is a situation where one or more parties try to predict what one or more other parties will do, and in doing so, attempt to take into consideration the fact that the other parties know that this is being considered. In short, MINDFUCK!

Standard Roles

PLEASE NOTE: When you are assigned a town power role, the bot will in form you that "You are a citizen, but also a <power role>". Keep this in mind so you do not think you have no action when you do!

Agent: Mafia. This is an interesting scum role. Agents have the power to sneak into the police station once a night, and permanently alter the files on one person of their choosing. For example: If the agent alters the files of an innocent player, the police's files will say that the innocent player is actually mafia! The same is true vice versa. The Agent, however, cannot alter their own files. The Agent also cannot kill at night.

Agent commands:
/msg Siobhan alter <player> - alters the sheriff's files for a person.
/msg Siobhan mchat <message> - sends a private message to all Mafia. Can only be used at night.

Detective: Town. In situations when the moderator does not reveal the roles of the dead publicly, the Detective is perhaps the most valuable role for the town. Whenever a person dies, their true roles are revealed to the Detective, Agent's power does not affect the Detective's report. A detective will not be able to see the distinction between an agent and a regular killer mafia, he will only see that the scum was "mafia."

Detective commands:
Detective has no special commands. They automatically see the roles of dead players.

The doc comes out from under the bed to save the day
Creepy doc is creepy

Doctor: Town. This role is arguably the most powerful role. Each night, the doctor can choose one player to save that night. If the mafia target that player, the Doctor prevents the player from dying. If the Doctor makes a save, the saved person receives a notice from the moderator saying that they were saved by an anonymous Doctor. (If it helps you, I imagine the Doctor sneaking under his/her target's bed and waiting for the mafia to come and attack. If the Doctor's target is attacked by the mafia, the doctor pops out and heals the patient. Unfortunately, the Doctor only can see the feet of the attackers, therefore can't say who it was. Before the patient can wake up, the Doctor sneaks out. This also explains why the Doctor can't self-save!)

Doctor commands:
/msg Siobhan save <player> - picks a user to attempt to save.

Mafia (killer): Mafia. This is the standard, run-of-the-mill hitman. Each night the Mafia(s) vote on who they would like to kill for the next day. The Mafia may also choose to nokill.

Mafia commands:
/msg Siobhan kill <player> - makes your vote to kill a player.
/msg Siobhan nokill - vote to kill noone.
/msg Siobhan mchat <message> - sends a private message to all Mafia. Can only be used at night.

Ordinary Citizen: Town. This is just an ordinary citizen who has no special powers.

Citizen commands:
Ordinary citizens have no special commands.

Sheriff: Town. Each night, the sheriff has the ability to check one player's files to see if the player is 'mafia' or 'innocent'. If the sheriff checks the Agent's files, the sheriff receives an unaltered, special report saying the player is an agent. The sheriff (and rest of town) must keep in mind, that, if an Agent is in the setup, the investigation results might not be accurate. (I dunno why the cop doesn't just look at everyone's files the first night, he's probably too busy watching Burn Notice or something...)

Sheriff commands:
/msg Siobhan check <player> - checks a player, and tells you what your files say in the morning. An Agent result is always true; a Mafia result may be altered.

Mass Claiming

On lylo (and on other rare occassions), players usually claim their roles to help hunt for scum. When more than one person claims the same role or a player's claim contradicts another player's, they are counter-claims (CC's).

PLEASE NOTE: As a Town player, please do not lie during a mass claim, despite the bot telling you to keep your role secret. This tends to be the most efficient way of rooting out Mafia, but only if all town players are telling the truth.

1) There must be an AFK check to make sure that no one is absent. Everyone must respond to the AFK check. This prevents late claims, which can be considered a scumtell.

2) After everyone responds to the AFK check, any player can set a timer to claim by. To set a timer, use kiwi's command ">timer x". The timer should be approximately 15 seconds long. If two players set a timer simultaneously, use the longer timer. If kiwi is absent from the channel, then a player will perform a countdown.

3) When the timer runs out, state your role and any information you have. A detective would give the roles of the dead players, a sheriff would state who they checked and their result, and a doctor would claim who they saved. Ordinary Citizens have no abilities and would just claim OC. Mafia and Agent would claim one of the other roles and attempt to shift suspicion to their CC's.

4) Unless you have a good reason for claiming outside of a timer, please wait for the timer to be set up, and run out, before hitting 'enter' on your claim.

Common Setups

As of Oct 23 2009, all setups are open. Here are a few of the most common:

4 players: Role reveal on death. 1 doc, 1 scum(killer), 2 oc
5 players: Role reveal on death. 1 doc, 1 cop, 1 scum(killer), 2 oc
6 players: Noreveal on death. 1 doc, 1 cop, 1 det, 2 scum(1 killer, 1 agent), 1 oc
7 players: Noreveal on death. 1 doc, 1 cop, 1 det, 2 scum(1 killer, 1 agent), 2 oc
8 players: Noreveal on death. 1 doc, 1 cop, 1 det, 2 scum(1 killer, 1 agent), 3 oc
9 players: Noreveal on death. 1 doc, 1 cop, 1 det, 3 scum(2 killer, 1 agent), 3 oc
10 players: Noreveal on death. 1 doc, 1 cop, 1 det, 3 scum(2 killer, 1 agent), 4 oc
11 players: Noreveal on death. 1 doc, 1 cop, 1 det, 3 scum(2 killer, 1 agent), 5 oc
12 players: Noreveal on death. 1 doc, 1 cop, 1 det, 4 scum(3 killer, 1 agent), 5 oc
13 players: Noreveal on death. 1 doc, 1 cop, 1 det, 4 scum(3 killer, 1 agent), 6 oc
14 players: Noreveal on death. 1 doc, 1 cop, 1 det, 4 scum(3 killer, 1 agent), 7 oc
15 players: Noreveal on death. 1 doc, 1 cop, 1 det, 5 scum(4 killer, 1 agent), 7 oc

Common pyGBot Commands

This channel uses pyGBot (under the name of Siobhan) as the moderator. Like most every bot, there are multiple ways of using her commands. For Siobhan, the most commonly accepted method of publicly using comands is with the prefix trigger '!' (i.e. '!join', '!quit', '!lynch'). Commands can also be used via PM ('/msg Siobhan <command>') or talking to her directly ('Siobhan: <command>'). For convenience, I am going use the < > markers to define places where you have to insert certain information (described in the arrows).

alter <target> - Agent night-action only. PM this command to Siobhan to reverse the files of a player.

anon <on/off> - Gamestarter setup phase only. Determine whether or not anonymous lynching will be on or off.

check <target> - Cop night-action only. If you are cop, PM this command to Siobhan to check a player that night.

join - Use this command to join a game that is in its setup phase.

dchat - Dead/spectators only. Use this command if you need another invite to the dchat channel. You will only receive an invite if you are currently dead or spectating an on-going game.

del <player> - This command deletes a player. Use the quit command to delete yourself. DO NOT USE THIS COMMAND UNLESS NECESSARY. Its use is governed by Rule 3.

end - This command ends the game. DO NOT USE THIS COMMAND UNLESS NECESSARY. Its use is governed by Rule 3.

kill <target> - Mafia night-action only. PM this command to Siobhan to vote on a target to kill. The choice must be unanimous.

lynch <target> - Day-action. When you are ready to vote who to lynch, use this command.

mchat <message> - Mafia night-chat only. PM this command to Siobhan to chat between mafia to relay strategy and other conversation.

resetstarter - Gamestarter setup phase only. This will reset the gamestarter and leave control open for all.

save <target> - Doc night-action only. If you are doc, PM this command to Siobhan to save a player that night.

start - First time will begin setup phase and give the person who used the command 'gamestarter' status. Use of this command a second time will start the game (assuming there are atleast 4 people signed up) If the gamestarter does not speak in the channel for 5 minutes, control of the game will be open for all.

timer <0-120> - Gamestarter setup phase only. This command determines the length of each day. 0 = no day time limit.

quit - Use this command to delete yourself from the current game. DO NOT USE THIS COMMAND UNLESS NECESSARY. Its use is governed by Rule 2.

whisper <target> <message>: - Day only. PM this command to Siobhan so you can whisper to a fellow player. However, be careful of what you say, there is a chance that people will overhear you! This is the only Rule friendly method of communication between two live players (excluding mafia's mchat).

The Bots

Where's JohnHenry when we need him!

There are a few authorized bots in the channel:

Siobhan: pyGBot is a collaborative project between chaos95 and Dritz. Siobhan is the moderator of all the games in this channel. The code is open source and can be found at: link. The SVN is most current.

lime: This is just one helpful bot, written by Crayboff, it has been adapted to provide many mafia related functions. Lime also provides basic game stats and amazing spam protection. The prefix trigger is '>' and talking to lime directly activates his markov (note that lime has markov turned off due to resource usage reasons). All available commands can be found with the 'help' command, individual syntax help can be found with 'help <command>'. The bot is open source and can be found at: link.

Youtsuba: This is You's attempt at an AI which can pass a turing test in terms of playing mafia. Written in C, it is a rewrite of Younata, the same attempt, written in python. Source is currently closed and will be released after version 1. It runs mainly in #mafia-testing.

Other #mafia channels in

#pygbot - pyGBot's official support channel.

#craybot - lime's official support channel and testing ground

#mafia-dchat - Dead players and spectators may speak here during games. All will be kicked after the current game ends.

#mafia-discuss - This is the channel for all #mafia meta discussion.

#mafia-testing - Want to test a mafia playing bot? Well, here's the place. pyGBot here is Anata.

#mafia-rewrite - This is where Dritz is testing his mafia rewrite.

#xkcdmafia - Here is where the human modded games are at. Human modded games tend to be much more varied and have crazier roles. They also, usually, have some unique flavour text.

Other mafia-like channels in servers afar... - #mafia (The bot running this has pretty much everything... ever.) - #mafia - ##jswolfbot - #werewolf - #werewolf - #mafia - #werewolf

efnet - #wolf

Other mafia resources

These site(s) contain all the mafia resources you'll ever need: